Throttle the bandwidth

When we are testing our sites we are often privy to a fast Internet connection, which means we have good speed and connectivity when using our product. But will everyone?

Are your end users all accessing your site through a fast connection?

It’s important not to assume too much about your end users. Cold hard facts are great. Assumption however, can lead to designs and implementations that don’t suit the purpose, audience or context.

How to test for different bandwidth speeds

There are many tools on the market but the one I find most useful is Charles Proxy.

It has a neat "Throttling" feature that is quite straightforward to get running. It allows you to throttle the connection at pre-set speeds as well as creating customised speeds.

Instructions on how to throttle the site are here:

Testing with Charles Proxy gives you some indication of what it would be like to interact with your site/application under different connection speeds.

Useful Hint

Your product may have some technical pre-requisites listed such as network speed and minimum connectivity for example. If you find these you can use these numbers as a good starting check.

Useful Links

Charles Proxy -

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