Resize the windows and resolution

Not all monitors and displays will be the same size and resolution hence your site/application will render differently and potentially behave slightly differently (i.e. buttons moving, flow being interrupted)

With the proliferation of mobile devices like phones and tablets then there is an ever-growing need to ensure your application works on small screens. It may be you have to create mobile specific versions.

How to test for resizing and resolution
A really simple test would be to change the size of the browser window by simply dragging the edges to shrink the page. Always consider that there may be a minimum size before the layout goes pear shaped. This is to be expected for most non-adaptive designs (and some adaptive ones too) and the point at which this happens will be purely a judgment call on your part.

Another good test would be to change the resolution of your own monitor and see how the site renders.

Try the site and application on a mobile device or tablet. There are emulators out there that can help you out with this.

There are browser add-ons like Firesizer that can help you change the resolution of the page with ease.

Useful Hint
You could use a browser extension to help you resize windows.

Useful Links
A monster list of emulators -

Firefox window resizer extension -

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