Refresh during page loads

If you are testing an application or site that has specific state or transaction model that is updated when you, for example, click on a button then try refreshing the page whilst it’s loading these different states.

You'd be amazed at how many potential problems you might find doing this.

As one page is loading and sending/retrieving a new set of data the refresh is also then grabbing data, potentially from an old state. The data it grabs might not be the most up-to-date data set.

How to test for refresh during page loads
Whilst performing actions (like submit form) hit the refresh button. Depending on how fast certain components interact you could find that there are a wealth of issues surrounding states, data and user activities.

Useful Hint
Find your shortcut key for your operating system to make refreshing quicker.

Useful Links
Windows shortcut keys -

MAC shortcut keys -

Linux shortcut keys -

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