Is it mobile friendly?

As a tester it is essential to try your site or application on a variety of mobile devices and see how well it performs. Mobiles are everywhere and they need to be supported by most websites.

How to test mobile readiness
If you have a mobile device yourself then try loading your site/application and see how it performs. There are loads of mobile emulators for you to try your site in too.

Opera Emulator

It’s a good idea to run a stock set of tests against a number of operating systems (mobile and tablet) and build up a profile of what works in which one.

Try right clicks, page updates (like forms that open up further sections of a form), multiple tabs and data selection (drop downs, radio buttons). These are where I have found issues in the past when looking at mobile applications, but each product operates in a different contexts, so tailor it to be specific to what you’re working on.

Useful Hint
Need data on your mobile for testing but don’t fancy typing it in all the time? Try sending an SMS or Email with the data in to the phone, then you can copy and paste on the phone itself.

If you’re on a smartphone, why not try using Evernote or Dropbox for synching data between?

Useful Links
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