Five second test

When someone visits your site they often make snap judgments about the site, where to go and whether they like the design (and content) or not.

There is a great service called Five Second Test ( who has users/testers who will visit your site, then answer some questions about the site and give you feedback.

It can help to drive out where your users are focusing their attention when landing on the site.

"By finding out what a person recalls about your design in just 5 seconds you can ensure that your message is being communicated as effectively as possible." - From Five Second Test Website


How to use this
Simply sign up to the service, upload your site wireframes or mocks and let the feedback commence.

Useful Hint
Getting your feedback from users early is the best way to ensure you remain focused on building the right application in the first place. Too often I see usability testing done late in the day when it becomes harder to change the code and too much “time" has been invested in a poor design.

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