Disable JavaScript

There are often very good reasons to use JavaScript (a client side scripting language which runs in the browser), but sometimes the overuse (or mis-use) of JavaScript can lead to some very interesting bugs.

For example, not all browsers accessing your site will have JavaScript enabled which may mean specific parts of your site simply do not work, or certain logic means the product is not running as intended.

JavaScript is sometimes used to collect data, show information, do funky visual stuff whilst browsing (like mouseover), perform logic and post form/user data. As such there are a number of features and/or capabilities that could be lost if the user disables JavaScript.

How to test removing JavaScript
The simplest test is to Disable JavaScript in your browser using Developer Tools Extension (or similar) and see what happens to your site.


There are other tests you might want to consider such as fiddling with the JavaScript and seeing what affect this has.

Useful Hint
There are a number of Unit Testing frameworks available for JavaScript.

Useful Links
JSLint - http://www.jslint.com/lint.html

JavaScript information - http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2011/10/27/lessons-from-a-review-of-javascript-code/

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