Change the locale

The locale of the browser can play a large part in the rendering of the website and the way that it functions.

It’s a simple test idea that could highlight potential multi-language issues, especially if your site actively supports multiple languages.

How to test for locale issues

Changing your browser locale is different in each browser but a quick web search should give you the information you need.

For example, in Firefox on MAC:

Firefox > Preferences > Content > Languages

This will give you a dialogue where you can change the language locale of the browser.

Your browser locale (language) settings will steer your browser to look for “locale specific" content in the sites it loads.

For example, if your site is intended to be used in English and French markets and will change the language of the home page depending on the browser locale detected, then try removing all locales and see what happens.

  • What language does it default to?
  • What if you have French locale but no English - does it render in French?
  • How about adding en-us instead of en-gb – does it still render in English?

You can see how quickly the number of tests you can run adds up and how many potential areas for bugs there could be.

Useful Hints

Try using a Browser Extension to make changing locale easier.
The locale of the browser and the language of the Operating System are two different things.

Useful Links
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