Block pop-ups

A growing number of sites and applications make use of Pop-Ups to manage form entry, alerts and any number of other processes needed for working through the site/application. They are also used heavily for advertising and marketing.

How to test pop-up blocking
Try turning off pop-ups in our browser and see what happens.

Once you have turned them off in the browser, you should get a warning when your site/application tries to open a pop-up.

Can the system still be used without the pop-up?

If you disable pop-ups has it affected the state transition or flow? For example, when a user clicks a button it may open a form in a pop-up and it may make a state change somewhere else in the system, but the form may not show (because its blocked). Can they recover from this? Can they get to the form? Can they continue to function?

Useful Hint
Try using a browser extension to help you manage pop-ups.

Useful Links
Chrome Pop-up blocker information

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