Welcome to Web Testing Basics.

My name is Rob Lambert. I've been a Software Tester and Engineering Manager for about 16 years now.


This website is a mini-guide for anyone wanting to test a website, whether that be as a professional tester, a new tester or maybe even a design agency looking to test their latest website.

There are 36 different ideas on this site that will help you get the basics of web testing right.

Whether you are a professional tester breaking in to the world of web testing, a seasoned web tester looking for new ideas or a designer/developer/blogger launching your own site - the advice in this site is for you.

No website/app can be guaranteed to be truly bug free though, but by using this guide you will become aware of many different ways to tease out those bugs. Bugs that otherwise may have been caught by your customers/clients.

My old blog, The Social Tester, is still up and running but I don't tend to write for it any more. I now spend my time over at Cultivated Management where I help other managers thrive in their management career. Feel free to head on over and say "Hi".

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If you’re interested in a career in Software Testing then check out my book Remaining Relevant And Employable (Tester’s Edition).